BCSP Recertification Quiz Program Frequently Asked Questions
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the BCSP Recertification Quiz Program answers some of the most commonly asked questions BCSP staff receives.
1. How can I create a new account?
Create a new account here.
2. Can I use my same login as the BCSP Certification Managment System (CMS)?
You will need to create a new account for the BCSP Recertification Quiz Program. The accounts are separate at this time, although they may be integrated in the future.
3. I am unable to log into my account
Click here to reset your password. If you still cannot log in, contact us.
Registering for and Taking a Quiz
1. How can I select a quiz?
On the home page, select Quizzes from the menu and click on the quiz you would like to take. Log in and you will be directed to the quiz.
2. How can I resume a quiz that I have already started?
Log in to your account by selecting Log In from the main menu, navigate to the Quizzes page, and select the quiz you would like to retake.
3. How much time do I have to take a quiz after I have selected it?
There are no time limits on quizzes. After you select a quiz, you will be able to take the quiz immediately or at a later date by logging in to your account. You will have access to the quiz until you submit it for scoring.
4. I did not receive an email with my quiz order confirmation or results. What should I do?
Take a look in your spam filter to see whether the email message ended up being marked as spam. If you are still unable to find the email, contact us.
1. How can I claim recertification points for completing a quiz?
Keep a record of your passing score of the quiz to include with your recertification worksheet. After you pass a quiz, your score report will be emailed to you. The "My Quizzes" section on your account also will show your quiz history. Retain this information and account for it on your recertification worksheet.
2. For which category does the online quiz qualify?
Points for quizzes passed can be claimed under Category 7. See the BCSP Recertification Guide for more information.