BCSP Recertification Quiz Program
On May 1, 2020, the BCSP Quiz Program will be incorporated into an even greater program, recertPRO.
Existing quizzes will be available until the launch of this new program.
The BCSP Recertification Quiz Program provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in particular areas of the safety profession.
If you hold one or more BCSP certifications, you can earn 0.1 recertification points by passing an online quiz. The quizzes are based on the technical contents of well-circulated membership organization journals, NSC's Safety + Health, and ASSP's Professional Safety.
If you do not hold one of BCSP's certifications, you may still take these quizzes, but you will not earn recertification points, meet any requirement for earning a BCSP credential, or otherwise have any status with BCSP.
Basic Rules
  • All quizzes are open book. BCSP recommends that you attempt the quiz with the indicated reference immediately available to you.
  • If you attempt a quiz and fail, you may attempt that quiz again, until you pass it.
  • If you are a BCSP certificant in good standing and desire recertification credit for passing the quiz, be sure to include your Certification Number (and verify that it is correct) when prompted for it.
  • If you are a BCSP certificant in good standing when you pass an online quiz, you will receive the recertification point awarded for that quiz. If you fail a quiz, you will not receive any recertification points.
When you log in and select a quiz, you attempt the quiz immediately. Once you complete the quiz, you will immediately be shown your result.
If you are a BCSP credential holder, you may need your passing score reports so you can properly credit your activity at the end of your recertification cycle (this activity counts in recertification Category 7). You will need the passing score report if BCSP audits you. You can access your quiz history and results by logging into your BCSP Recertification Quiz Program account.
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